Hajime Kobayashi

He was raised in an artistic family.
Starting with his father (Shigekazu Kobayashi) who was a professional
drummer, his mother was a pianist. Among the
grand fathers he has one (Ousuke Hanayagi) who was a master of japanese
traditional dancing (Nichibu, Hanayagi-Ryu) and
a grand mother (Shinako Makuta) who was a soprano singer.

His artistic career began as an actor when he was seventeen after he was scouted by a film director. Since then his passion of expressing spread wide as an ocean and he has mastered various skills including percussion, composing, singing, acting, and dancing.

His recent remarkable works comprise composing and playing music for a international film called 'Zatouichi THE LAST', directed by film director Junji Sakamoto, which hit many theaters in japan and other countries in 2010. The film music was a work of group called 'Project WA-GO' and Hajime Kobayashi played percussion and took part as vocalist.

His career as a percussionist includes countless sessions for recording and touring with japanese top musicians, and for TV, radio and films. All these helped him expand his musical experience. Being an extraordinal percussionist he has created a lot of works.
One on which was for a japanese professional football club Shimizu Espulse. For that work he flied over the ocean to brazil for recording with famous musicians including Jota Moraes who once worked with Gal Costa and famous surdo player the Gordinho.

Currently he is working on solo projects as Hajime Kobayashi composing and playing jazz fusion musics. Also coming is club dance musics with his another face REPLICANT.
He is now passionate of teaching percussion to younger generations and leading a group called Congadojo.